Randall D. Standridge

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Electronica/Film Scores

Film Score Samples

     The Blogger!  (Short Film Score - Comedy/Action)

This project, my first film score, was an absolute blast to work on.  Michelle Motoyoshi, the director, had heard my music during one of her daughter's band concerts.  She contacted me and asked if I'd be interested, and I jumped at the chance.  It was a pleasure to work with her on this film, and I feel very good about the results.  We decided on a spy/superhero vibe with a jazz band meets electronica feel (minus the one epic sequence which features full orchestra and choir).  Please check out the film!

     The Abandoned Playground (Horror Movie Sample)

A short sample of horror-movie style music that I created.  I imagined an opening credits type of sequence, with the camera panning over an abandoned playground in the woods.  I hope it gives you the shivers!  If you're a film-maker working on horror shorts, please consider my services.

The Abandoned Playground (High Quality)
Randall Standridge (Randall Standridge's Album)

Electronica Samples

     Gray Rains

Grey Rains
Randall Standridge


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