Randall D. Standridge

Composer - Arranger - Drill Designer - Colorguard - Educator - Artist - Writer

Marching Band:  Grade 2   (Grand Mesa Music)

The world is alive with color in this exciting show that explores the character of each color on the color wheel, beginning with a fiery, latin inspired opener "Fury (Red/Orange)", followed by a the jazzy strains of "The Royal Blues (Blue/Purple)", before finishing with the rhythmic, jungle inspired "Life (Yellow/Green).  Simple props and flag choices will help this concept show come to life before your audience.

Colors part 1 - Fury (Red/Orange)

Red Orange (2011)
Colors 1

Colors part 2 - The Royal Blues (Blue/Purple)

Blue Purple (2011)
Colors 2

Colors part 3 - Life (Yellow/Green)

Green Yellow(2011)
Colors 3

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