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To request services, please contact Mr. Standridge at:

email:  [email protected]

phone:  870-926-3479

fax:  1-888-920-8050

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RDS Marching's goal is to create effective shows for any and all bands.  We do not feel your band has to be a "Top Tier" band to have an effective show...you just need a show that will actually work for YOU!  

Our shows are written to include impact moments and smart instrumentation/orchestration to bring out the best in your band.

PROGRAM DESIGN - Program Design is the art of planning out and coordinating all of the elements of the show (Concept, Music, Drill, Colorguard, Props) to create the most cohesive and effective show possible.  Let me help you take your idea from “okay” to “wow” with smart planning and purposeful effect.  Program design prices are “by bid”, but are included in every full package (music/drill minimum).

CUSTOM ARRANGING/COMPOSITION - I am a skilled composer and arranger with over 15 years of experience in arranging for bands. I am also skilled as a composer, having written many award winning marching productions and concert compositions. Services include multiple consultations and free rewrites. I offer two levels of arranging.  Perks include:

-Solos written in all keys so you may choose your strongest player

-All low brass parts are in Bass and Treble clef to provide you with maximum flexibility

-Scoring to fit YOUR strengths and weaknesses

General Arrangements: (Winds/Perc)  

These are arrangements that are written as fairly straight arrangements of existing material with some consideration given to creating general effect moments. Ideal for groups whose primary concerns are half-time and festival preparation.

Championship Arrangements/Compositions: 

These arrangements are written with General Effect at the front of their composition. Many moments for body effects, transitions, instrument features, etc are included to make sure your show has the maximum opportunity to generate effect.

CUSTOM DRILL/VISUAL DESIGN - Having written for visual programs for bands of all sizes since 2000, I am very skilled at getting the most out of a band’s strengths while minimizing their weaknesses. In addition to standard drill design, I am adept at creating more contemporary moments with staging, props, and visual innovation. Let me help your group achieve the modern look you desire. You will receive drill charts, coordinate sheets, and animation of the drill with sound (if available).

Drill Level 1 - $15 per marcher/$600 minimum

Moderate difficulty, mostly standard moves, 20-30 sets

Drill Level 2 - $20 per marcher/$800 minimum

Moderate difficulty, mix stand/contemp moves, 30-50 sets

Drill Level 3 - $25 per marcher/$1,000 minimum

Advanced level, all styles, 50+ sets

Visual Choreography for Winds/Perc: $250-$1,000

Price depends on range, amount, and difficulty

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CUSTOM COLORGUARD CHOREOGRAPHY - I have been a colorguard instructor since 1996 and have been the director of college lines, high school lines, and an independent winterguard. I can provide videoed choreography for your ensemble, or I can teach clinic sessions to instruct your group in technique or choreography

Level 1 Colorguard Choreography - Call for bid

Fundamental equipment with little body involvement

Level 2 Colorguard Choreography - Call for bid

Intermediate equipment with a moderate amount of body

Level 3 Colorguard Choreography - Call for bid

Advanced choreography using the full range of body/equip

Added equipment: $250 per added equipment

If multiple pieces of equipment (flag/rifle, flag/sable) are layered in the same song.

CLINICS - I offer clinics in various areas to help your students with their development. All clinics are by bid depending on time/subject matter

Body Movement/Marching Fundamentals- Let me help your staff and students learn the easy, no-nonsense way to perform marching fundamentals and basic body movement that will give your band a competitive edge and a contemporary look.

Colorguard Clinic - I work with guards on performance effectiveness, how-to-clean-routines, tossing technique, and all technique related to body/equipment

Percussion Clinic - Being a percussionist, I am very happy to work with your percussion on basic technique, musicality, and effective performance

Student Leadership - A good student leader group can change a band program. Let me show you how!

Effective Rehearsal Techniques - Good for both directors and students, these clinics will help you focus your rehearsals to get the most out of every minute.

Effective Practicing - Take your players from good to GREAT with a few key practice tips.  Many students know how to play their instruments and they know they should practice their instruments, but too many do not understand the ART OF PRACTICING.  This clinic will help guide student and director alike into some sound, solid, consistent practice techniques.


Let me help you design the props, flags, and uniforms you need to get the maximum visual punch out of your show.

Remember, great shows don’t happen by accident.  They are DESIGNED.  A good design can make the difference between an okay year and a great year.  A show that is designed specifically for your group will greatly increase your chances of success.  

To request services, please contact Mr. Standridge at:

email:  [email protected]

phone:  870-926-3479

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