Randall D. Standridge

Composer - Arranger - Drill Designer - Colorguard - Educator - Artist - Writer


NOTE:  Webs.com is experiencing some pretty big compatability issues right now.  I am launching a new website in the coming months and will have these issues resolved.  If you need any information about a piece or recordings, please contact me directly at the information listed below.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

Now Taking Clients for the 2017 Marching Season
Contact me at:  [email protected]  or  870-926-3479

New Releases for 2016-2017


The Blogger (Short Film - 2015...Comedy)  (click here to see the film on YouTube!)


A Christmas Tale: Beware the Krampus (Grade 2.5 - Alfred Music)

Celebration (Grade 3 - Grand Mesa Music)

DarkHeart (Grade 2.5 - Grand Mesa Music)

In These Last Days of Autumn (Grade 3 - FJH Music)

March of the Winter Elves (Grade 2 - Grand Mesa Music)

Metalheads (Grade 1.5 - FJH Music)

Morpheus (Grade 4 - Grand Mesa Music)

On a Catalonian Carol: El Noi de la Mare (Grade 3 - Wingert-Jones)

Relentless (Grade 2.5 - Wingert Jones)

Summer Song (Grade 2 - Grand Mesa Music)

Tanchozuru (Grade 2 - FJH Music)

Winds of Change (Grade 3 - Alfred Music)


Battlesong (Grade 2 - Grand Mesa Music)

Danse Carnivale (Grade 3 - Grand Mesa Music)



Pulse:  The Art of Motion (Grade 2 - Grand Mesa Music)

Under Constructions (Grade 2+ - Grand Mesa Music)

The Warriors (Grade 2 - 2+  - Grand Mesa Music)

DeComposers (Grade 3 - Grand Mesa Music)

Games (Grade 3 - Grand Mesa Music)

Haunted  (Grade 3 - Self-Published)

A Bollywood Fantasy (Grade 3 - Self-Published)


Heart (Grade 2+ - Grand Mesa Music)

Toys (Grade 2 - Grand Mesa Music)

Gypsy Caravan (Grade 2+ - Grand Mesa Music)

The Samurai and the Maiden (Grade 2+ - Grand Mesa Music)

The Jewel and the Dragon (Grade 3 - Grand Mesa Music)

Letters from a Prisoner of War (Grade 3 - Grand Mesa Music)

The Bells (Grade 4 - Grand Mesa Music)

Contact Information

Contact InformTo Contact Randall regarding music, marching design, artwork, fiction, or guest appearances,

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Email:  [email protected]  OR  [email protected]

Phone:  870-926-3479

Facebook Page:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Randall-D-Standridge-Composer/112890908721139

Windrep.org Page:  http://www.windrep.org/Randall_Standridge

If you have any questions or comments, PLEASE feel free to contact me.  I'm not shy, so you shouldn't be either!